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Colocation Hosting for Small Businesses

Colocation hosting or a collocation center refers to a data center in which customers can keep their network, storage, and dedicated servers. You may have heard of collocation, and it is really the same principle just applied to the internet, thus the different spelling. Colocation centers are becoming more popular due to the benefits offered by the companies.

Businesses are able to place their critical files and equipment at the data center. The center has a high level of security and maintenance staff to ensure the dedicated servers continue running properly. For businesses that require high security on their files the colocation center is really the best place to store it. Security guards are on hand for problems and the tech support hired to keep the servers running is top notch.

The cost of the colocation option is also becoming more affordable. The companies using the service are using a “shared data infrastructure.” Added to this design are the large power towers and mechanical systems the colocation business web hosting company offers. To have the same type of center in your business would be more expensive because you are the only one using it. As a center the servers the company runs on the power source can be sold to generate income. Colocation centers are generally 50,000 to 100,000 square feet in order to house the equipment needed to run the servers and network systems.

A few of the features one gets with colocation hosting includes:
• IT Support
• Communication Facilities
• Security
• Telecommunications
• Internet

Additional benefits of this system include freeing up internal network space for the company. They are able to resume their business as usual without fear of their website shutting down or other issues due to the high volume of internal use. Colocation facilities also have larger bandwidth capacity and therefore speed.

Customers using colocation hosting include ecommerce companies, corporations, and telecommunication companies. Colocation facilities can offer both types of servers: dedicated and shared. The shared servers will be more cost effective for a business since the one server is being sold to multiple customers. Dedicated servers will always be more expensive, but in a situation like colocation there are literally hundreds of servers to make money off of. This means the center can charge a little less for dedicated servers than say a company with ten servers.

The overhead costs of colocation options are extremely low. If you set up the system on your own you will have to spend more money setting up the system.
We mentioned security above, but to give you a little more detail the security will be cheaper because your business does not have to hire the personnel. You also are renting the space with the assurance that the tech support will have the best security in place on the server as well. The bottom line is you gain a great deal with colocation whether you are on a shared or dedicated server, thus performance is enhanced for your website and other business matters can be attended by you.

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