Free Web Hosting Services are at a Disadvantage

The strict definition of a web hosting service is an internet hosting service, which allows for businesses or people to place their website on the World Wide Web.  Free web hosting services offer space on a server for no payment.  In conjunction with the space provided on the server a web host may offer tools to design the web site and pages. The web tools offered differ from company to company and are based on what the business wants to offer their customers.  For this reason it is better to pay for web hosting and it is fairly inexpensive.,,, and Yahoo Small Business are a few of the web host service companies available on the internet.  The companies range in price from $3.45 to $7.50 (per month) of unlimited disk space and bandwidth.  The domain name is generally free.  They also have high ratings for performance in regards to uptime and speed. 

A free service may offer between 50MB and 11,000 MB of space, forced ads are not acceptable, your own ads are allowed, uploads are FTP and Browser, and scripting is in PHP format.  You also have your own URL, though in some instances it is only a sub domain as part of the host company’s domain.   

Already in the information provided regarding free web hosting services you can see the huge differences in paying a few dollars for a host server versus free server.  The free service has a limit on the disk space and bandwidth you can occupy.  If you need more space on a free server you have to upgrade your service to a paying account.  Certain ads are not allowed on the site.  The upload and scripting options are limited.  You may also have a sub domain instead of your own, where as the paid services allow you to make your own domain name and it is not part of the host company’s in any way.

To provide further examples of the differences we will examine  With their hosting packages they offer free setup, free software, 24 hour support, and unlimited storage and support.  Yahoo Small Business for web hosting offers designs, photo upload, audio/ video, leads, security and reports on performance.  Not all web hosting that you pay for will be the same.  Each host tends to have their own offer of services and tools.  The point being made is that with a paid sight you are achieving a better looking website and more space on the server, at such a small monthly cost. 

Free web hosting services do have their place, but when you can spend $3.50 and get a server that works with you and for you why chance the extensive disadvantages to be found with free sites?  The answer is you should not.  Spending a few dollars a month will help your business two- fold.  You have a service you can trust and one that helps you gain the customers and online recognition you need to run your business.