Available Cheap Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is more expensive than shared servers; however, there are some cheap dedicated hosting options available to you and your online business.  We have a few of the companies listed here that provide less expensive hosting plans.  These companies have not been reviewed here, nor are we offering an opinion of whether you should use them or not.  They are simply to show that you do have options when it comes to obtaining a dedicated server.

Small businesses may not realize there is more out there than the $5.96 a month shared server package.  We want you to know that there is.  Choosing a server that will uphold your good reputation is imperative.  There is no reason you should have to settle for a shared server when you can earn more revenue from your website using a dedicated server.  The companies we have found offering a dedicated server range from $8.00 to $99.00 a month.  It is reasonable to find a dedicated IP address server out there.

The packages for $8 per month offer you your own server that is not shared with any other website.  You will receive customer support, technical support, around 5GB hard drive, 200GB data transfer, and 20 million page views per month.  It also provides 3 user accounts.  This plan is meant for a starter website that has yet to reach full potential.  Some shared server plans actually charge up to $20 for lesser features, so $8 as a starter plan is very good.

As you increase in price for cheap dedicated hosting you will obtain more disk space, bandwidth, and features.  A package for $99.00 a month provides a choice between Linux and Windows hosting.  They also offer Intel Dual Core Atom processor, 2040MB Ram, 320 GB hard drive, and 3000GB bandwidth.  This plan from SingleHop also offers Plesk or cPanel for the control panel, five free IP addresses, near perfect uptimes, and full root access.

For $91.00 more a month you increase from 5GB to 320GB disk space and 200GB bandwidth to 3000GB bandwidth.  The features are definitely comparing well to the value.

Our next point is that what is cheap dedicated hosting to you may not be to someone else.  If you are just starting out in a web business you have a budget allocated to hosting.  This budget is probably fairly small where $99.00 is not going to work for you.  However, you may feel $19.00 a month is within your budget based on the features that host provides you.  Dedicated Hosting that is not considered inexpensive will range from $100 to $300 or more.  These packages often include the web design and managed server.

One thing to note is your ability to upgrade.  Hosting providers give you the best rate per month based on a year or two year plan.  After the agreement is up you can stay with the same company and ask to upgrade your server.  You can also search for a new host company if the old company does not have an upgrade option.