Analyzing Business Web Hosting

Business web hosting is going to differ from what you need in a personal website.  We will look at the various features you definitely need to have for a business website that are niceties on a personal website.  In any business your sales or clientele depend on your reputation.  If your reputation for providing services is excellent, you are going to build more clientele.  Just because your business is moving to the internet does not mean you should not offer the same great service.  The difference in the online world is how you offer that service and portray your company online. 

Here are two examples:

1. Business Owner A went for a dedicated server, which provides web design tools, unlimited email support and various other features for email, and 98% uptime rating.

2. Business Owner B decided on a shared server host that is more for personal sites to save money, where bandwidth and disk space is supposed to be unlimited, 97% uptime, a few web design tools, and most email services and support options.  Business Owner B is finding it hard to keep his customer base.  He has great SEO tactics and advertising, but the page views are lacking.  He has also noticed when he goes to the site he has issues getting on. 

 Business Owner A is not having the problems Owner B experiences because he went for the more professional server that is good even for small businesses.  The downside is Owner A is paying a lot more for the best small business web hosting, although his reputation for great service is intact.  The point here is that you are going to get what you pay for in a host.  By spending more you do get features like Owner A received and your site is available for the customers.  Owner B’s site was crashing due to the oversold server thus while he was professional and experienced on the topic clients could not see it with his failing site. 

Personal sites offer useful tools like email support, web tools, and some are even free.  Unfortunately, their uptimes and speed are generally lacking.  Owner B was paying less, probably about $1.99 a month in which the shared server was oversold.  Certainly the website looks professional and the features are akin to the more professional hosting, yet it was not impressive enough. 

In a business you need your site to be there whenever the client wants to get on.  So your uptimes need to be as close to 100% as possible.  This means you have to choose a server host that can guarantee you high uptime percentages.  Along with the uptime you also need enough storage space for your files.  Unlimited disk space is not required. While it is nice, most inexpensive servers tend to oversell this space because they know you won’t use it all.  So pay for the space you need and calculate potential growth.  Email is imperative to an online business; therefore, you need email support, storage, and email accounts.