9 Suggestions for Business Hosting

An increasing number of websites are popping up.  Since the beginning of the internet craze we have seen the internet explode 300 percent from its original size.  In school children used to be warned about the sites they used for references and told to use only one source on the internet if they had to.  Now virtually every student is told to use the internet to find resources.  The internet changes quickly, which means web hosting must change with it.  As the websites increase so do the options for business hosting.  Service providers of web hosting have to be able to supply the features their clients want at a great value in order to stay in the competition.  There are nine suggestions below to help you find the right solution for your business.

1. You can save money with hosting if you are on a shared server.  There are a few drawbacks to shared servers depending on the options you choose.  For example you want a concrete contract for disk space and bandwidth, not unlimited. 

2. Backup features: the right hosting service will offer daily backup options for your database and website, just in case the server has some issues.  Downtimes can cause data and customer information to be lost unless a backup system is in place. 

3. The backup options lead us directly to uptimes.  You need to search for the best uptime of at least 98 percent.  Nothing is perfect so 100 percent uptime guarantee is definitely not a true statement. 

4. Security options like SSL, which means secure socket layer. It is an encryption key that allows the customer information to remain secure when entered during the purchasing process. Any website selling items should have the SSL.

5. Extra features help separate one business hosting company from another.  MySQL Database, Joomla, OS Commerce, Shopping Cart choices, email support, and much more can be found in web hosting tools at most companies.  You want to find the company that offers what you will use and extra features you might be interested in at a later time.

6. Technical support is paramount.  Being able to contact them through Live Chat or telephone should be easy.

7. Along with technical support, you should be able to get great customer service for all other questions.  This means obtaining answers, help, and any other support 24/7.  Often a choice between business hosting comes down to the customer service center provided.

8. A money back guarantee with a 14 to 30 day trial is a must.  You should go for the longer trial because it can take a while to find the issues a server has.  14 days while helpful is not always long enough.  So, if you can find a site that offers even more than 30 days you should go for it. 

9. The last suggestion is to look for a “low client to server ratio” where the shared server is not inundated with too many websites, but enough for the company to make money without jeopardizing performance for you.