8 Points of Cheap Website Hosting

It can be said that most people tend to look for the most affordable price on anything they purchase, even web hosting.  If you are about to launch a new website you are probably searching for cheap website hosting and want to know if it is the better option.  Sure, the price might be right, but do you get what you pay for?  In web hosting you do get what you pay for.  It is imperative that if you want affordable hosting that you realize limitations exist.  We have eight points below for you to examine any web host with.

1. Customer Service and Technical Assistance should never be overlooked.  You might begin to think that cheap means you cannot get the service you need.  You will run into companies who offer $1.99 a month pricing with deplorable service, but you do not have to go with them.  There is a gem in all the thousands of sites offering affordable pricing.  You just have to find it.  Test the customer service department at various hours of the day before you sign up.

2. Domain options will vary.  Some cheap website hosting may offer you a free domain name, but will they offer unlimited domains?  Again, it may take a bit of searching but there are packages that offer top customer service and the unlimited domains.

3. Bandwidth and Disk Space must be in the top three.  Without good speed and space on a server you would have nothing.  Cheap sites often suffer from one thing and that is overselling the server your site is hosted on.  You do not have to let this happen.  Be wise and choose a package that states quite clearly you have this X amount of space and bandwidth, not unlimited.

4. Server maintenance is the difference between going down and staying up.  You can have a set amount of space and bandwidth, but if the server is not maintained with upgrades and updates your cheap package will not be serving you.

5. Templates for web design.  Do you have to use the templates supplied?  If the web host insists you use their templates look elsewhere.  Templates can be nice, but they can also hold your site back.  You should have the option even in cheap website hosting to design your own site.

6. Cpanel control is the best panel you can have with an online affordable site.  It helps you manage your own site with ease.

7. Reputation of the company you decide to trust is important.  A company that is not proud of themselves or their users means they have no reputation or a bad one.  The company should advertise who they work for.  Check on their financials as well.  It may surprise you that some web hosts have bankruptcies on their records.

8. Your customers depend on you for website security.  You depend on the host.  If the host cannot offer you a plan for $6.95 a month with SSL or other security measures they are not for you.